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Highly developed deer (maral) farm 'Karym' is located in Maiminsky district, Republic of Altai, Russia. It is 50 kilometers off Gorno-Altaisk along Chuisky tract. We are very glad to offer unique health-improving rest. Our special health-related and excursion programs include baths with the unossified antlers decoction all the year round.

Карым Complex 'Karym' lies in beautiful Karym canyon 5 km off Chuisky tract and village Ust-Muny. Secured premises of the complex are located on sightly hillsides near jolly fast river Muny where you can see a lot of herbs and lovely flowers, beautiful marals and horses grassing on the meadows. We are happy to offer some special excursions and entertaining programs for everyone - the hiking or equine tourism, terrainkur, fishing and hunting, etc.

Our advantage is the fact that the visitors can see whole process of preparing the baths with the unossified antlers decoction during the period of planned cutting the unossified antlers of marals. The visitor can make photos and video recording of process. Besides, you can take the spa treatment in phyto barrel with decoction of virtuous Altai herbs.

Your health comes before everything!