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The Maral (Cervus elaphus; A red deer,) is a beautiful animal living in Siberia in Altai Mountains. In the spring, during a period of hormonal activity, the antlers of maral grow more than on 1,5 centimetres a day collecting all the nature forces. The antlers become soft and full of nutritional agents. On special ranches and farms the unossified antlers are collected for medicine using, specifically including the baths with the unossified antlers decoction.

Карым Owing the fact that the baths with the unossified antlers decoction contains the extract of maral's blood the baths are mighty natural remedy using both for treatment and rehabilitation. A medication produced from the unossified antlers named Pantokrin contains 18 amino acids from 22 known at the time. The baths with the unossified antlers decoction and medicinal herbs become very popular. According to expert opinion the recommended quantity of sessions are 8-10 times for maximum effect.

It is recommended also to take these procedures not more frequently than once in any period of three months. Doctors advise to control the feelings and feel the pulse during taking a bath and to dry your body on a towel thoroughly after bath.

Baths with the unossified antlers decoction are indicated for Карым
- Normalization of sleep-wake schedule, improving of mental and physical efficiency after past serious diseases, and asthenic reactions;
- Retardation of aging;
- Regression at atherosclerotic vascular disease, ischemic heart disease, peripheral circulatory failure, degenerative spine disease and arthrosis;
- Promotion of immunity and body resistance to virus infections and catarrhal diseases;
- Improvement of sexual function (erectile dysfunction, prostatitis);
- The treatment of genitourinary apparatus, menopausal disorders, agenesia, uterine pathology;
- Regression of stress illnesses (neuroticism, neurasthenia, peptic ulcer, cardiovascular disease, sexual neurosis);
- The treatment of gastrointestinal disorders inactive or partial remission, intestinal functional disorders;
- The treatment of respiratory diseases: mild case of bronchitis, regression of upper respiratory infection, mild or moderate case of bronchial asthma;
- Fast improvement and amelioration of the state of locomotor apparatus: vertebral osteochondrosis, consequences of bone fracture, quiescent rheumatoid joint inflammation, inflammatory disease of locomotor apparatus (no sooner than 11-12th day after trauma);
- A skin resurfacing and fixation of an effect for extended lengths of time. The recommended quantity of sessions a day is one or two (2 hours before and 2 hours after eating), total quantity of sessions are 8-10 times for maximum effect.

The contra indications are common for balneotherapeutics.

The prices and specifications of the baths with the unossified antlers decoction (download)

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